Wednesday, June 1, 2016

When it's time to break up…with the scale.

So, lately, I've been totally having a fight with the scale. Luckily I've always taken measurements so I know that I am roughly the same measurements and same clothing size as I was last summer. But the scale tells me that I am holding walking around with about 6-8pounds more now than I was last summer. Logic assures me my muscle mass is more at this time than last year, but it still is a frustrating thing to see on the scale. Why can't I drop these pounds?! 
But then I saw this quote in my instagram feed and thought! Ok… time to forget the scale! (Easier said than done but I'm putting it on repeat…) 
The facts are: I lead a healthy life, I exercise very regularly, and I am also totally enjoying life including What last summer would have been "off-limits" "treat food and drink" SENSIBLY! 
So as long as I can check all those boxes and my clothes fit well I know I need to worry less about the scale's numbers. The truth is, this time last year I was not drinking booze, never having summer treats with my kiddos, adhering to 21df religiously, plus doing 3 day refreshes regularly. It worked for me last summer and I didn't feel deprived because I had serious weight loss goals - but now I feel like I'm living a more balanced life overall and no longer trying to see what my lowest weight can be, but instead how strong and how fast I can be.  I am enjoying life and happy with who I see in the mirror!
Hopefully some of you benefit from these thoughts too! Being healthy and enjoying life should not be mutually exclusive. :)

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